How do I use countPULSE if I don't have an internet or cellular connection?

The countPULSE Offline Setup video shows the process for setting up a count when internet or cellular service will not be achievable in the field. This is needed as cellular/internet service is required to set up a study in the app. This process should not be commonly used and is only be needed if completing counts in very rural/remote areas where cellular service is unavailable. The following steps summarize the process.

  1. Create the study in your office or an area that has cellular service
  2. Update the location of the count by clicking the address above the map in the count setup. This is required as the device will automatically set the location to the location of the mobile device during set up. you can also add details in the note section of the study.
  3. Once your study is set up click "Save Study" to review the setup details then "submit" to save the study to the device.
  4. Pair your countPULSE to the study and test the tube ports to ensure the device is working and recording data.
  5. Your count and countPULSE are now ready to collect data.
  6. When your study is completed pick up the device and end, retrieve, and upload the study in a location with cellular/internet service.