How do I update the firmware on my countPULSE or WAYcount device?

The countPULSE and WAYcount Firmware Update video shows the steps to complete a firmware update on your countPULSE or WAYcount device. The following steps summarize that video.

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the countPULSE app on your phone or tablet and your countPULSE has a charged battery.
  2. Tap the settings button in the top right corner of the countPULSE app.
  3. Tap the green "Update Device Firmware" button.
  4. When prompted by the app press the button on the back of the countPULSE for 8 seconds.
  5. Tap continue in the app to bring up the list of available Bluetooth signals.
  6. Find the countPULSE ID in the list of Bluetooth devices and tap it to start the firmware update. Please note that the last digit of the countPULSE ID will be different than shown on the countPULSE device. This will notify you if the device is in firmware update mode (button was not held for 8-seconds or battery is too low). If the ID is the exact same the device is not ready for update and the above process will need to be repeated.
  7. Once the update is complete tap the "Continue" button and your firmware is up to date.