Introducing countCLOUD – your ultimate solutions for accurately analyzing traffic video data, providing precise turning movement counts, point counts, and catering to various project-specific requirements. Seamlessly navigate and manage your counts and projects through our user-friendly dashboard, featuring new elements such as project overviews, user additions, and the option to purchase additional hours. Download your comprehensive reports in as little as 3 business days after uploading, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity.

Experience the convenience of reducing both time and complexity in processing your counts, all while enjoying substantial cost savings with our competitively low prices. Our customer support is available to troubleshoot any questions, and make sure you achieve the best results for your project and clients.

Unlock Discounts

Receive greater savings as you purchase more hours! Our unique pricing model ensures that the more hours you buy, the cheaper it gets.

95%-98% of Data Accuracy

Highly accurate counts delivered to you in 3 days or less.


2, 3, 13 class vehicle turning movement counts, point counts, or ped/bike trail count processing options.

How Count Hours are used

countCLOUD utilizes Count Hours as the cost basis for processing. As the system offers multiple classification breakdowns, and 3- and 13-classification counts require more resources to complete than 2-classification counts and trail counts, a conversion ratio is used.

  • 2-Class counts and trail counts utilize 1 Count Hour for every video hour submitted.

One 2-hour 2-Class count will use 2 Count Hours.

  • 3-Class counts use 1.5 Count Hours, rounded up, for every video hour submitted.

One 2-hour 3-Class count will use 3 Count Hours - or - One 13-hour 3-Class count will use 20 Count Hours.

  • 13-Class counts use 3 Count Hours, rounded up, for every video hour submitted

One 2-hour 13-Class count will use 6 Count Hours.

Easy access to your data

We created a central dashboard so you can add and configure counts of any length to match your needs. All your count hours, submitted counts, and returned count data are available for review and download in one simple location.