Product Details

The countCAM4 lightweight traffic counting camera allows users to collect multiple days of video OR directional vehicular volume on a single device without ever needing to interact with traffic. This keeps you and your team safely off the roadway while providing flexibility in your data collection capabilities. With the simple tap of a button, the countCAM4 switches from a traffic counting camera to a “Tubeless Tube Counter,” allowing you to collect the data you need without carrying different recording devices. With setup taking less than 3 minutes, you will surely see efficiency gains to beat project deadlines and come in under budget.

All our equipment is designed and assembled in the USA. We use quality parts, and strive to provide top tier customer service. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a full refund if you aren’t happy. We also support each camera with a 1-year manufacturers warranty.


Save time and money with our cost competitive solution for any size budget.


Our compact camera weighs just 2.8 lbs.

Dual Modes

Two modes in one camera: counter mode for direction, speed and volume, and camera mode for video collection.

Safe & Easy to Install

Keep you and your team out of the roadway and set each camera up in just 3 minutes.

Up to 100 Hours of Runtime

Our smart technology optimizes computing power enabling a camera to run for up to 100 continuous hours - without the need for any external batteries.


Heat, snow, rain and drop tested for industrial grade durability.

What's In the Box?

Product Features

The countCAM4 traffic counting camera comes with everything you need to get started: a download cable, charging cable, mounting bracket, hose clamps (x2), lock bracket, and padlock with key.

*Extension poles and powerBANKS are sold as separate accessories.

Charge your countCAM4 within 12-15 hours with the charging cable and base.
Fasten and secure your countCAM4 with the hose clamp, lock bracket, and padlock system.
Use the countCAM4 mounting bracket for easy extension pole installation.
New camera provides improved low light visibility and wider field of view.
The countCAM4 Boot, with incorporated rain shield, improves durability and reduces wear and tear on your device.
Industrial grade ports ensure easy charging and downloading of videos and data.
Integrated mount for easy installation in both Camera and Counter Mode.
Physical, and in-dashboard, battery level indication.
QR code allows for quick dashboard connection using your phone or tablet's camera application.

Quality images, even in low light settings.

Our improvements on the countCAM4 have enhanced the quality of the camera capturing capabilities, even in low light settings.

Data collection capabilities with the tap of a button.

With the simple tap of a button, the countCAM4 switches from a traffic counting camera to a “Tubeless Tube Counter,” allowing you to collect the data you need without carrying different recording devices.

More Details

Camera Mode (Video collection “Tubeless Tubecounter”)

- Collect video for processing into turning movement counts, point counts, or other project specific needs

- Stay safe by never entering the roadway for set up or recovery

- Up to 100 continuous hours of video record time on a single charge

- Schedule recordings and select video quality

- Joins/compresses video files directly on the device for download

- Upload videos to our countCLOUD Dashboard and let us do the counting.  We provide the most affordable and highly accurate 2, 3 and 13 class vehicle turning movement counts available

Counter Mode (Automated directional volume & speed)

- Collect directional volume and summary speed data without ever entering the roadway

- For use on bi-directional two-lane roads

- Up to 75 hours of run time on a single charge

- On device counting and speed summary reporting

- Download report directly from device

- Multiple file outputs and bin configurations

Technical Specs

- Designed and assembled in MN, USA

- Up to 100 hours of runtime in camera mode

- 75 hours of runtime in counter mode

- Camera Weight: 2.8 lbs

- Size: 15.5” x 2.5”

- Silicone boot and H2O seal for protection of the countCAM4

- Wider lens and improved video quality

- GPS Positioning 

- Improved low-light capability

- Industrial-grade data ports

- Rain guide to limit water caught on lens

- Gore-Tex Valve to regulate moisture

- Integrated mounting bracket