How to merge and prepare video files for countCLOUD

Merging Files From a countCAM3+

There are multiple processes for creating a merged video file. When processing videos from a countCAM3+ the videos are already compressed. Videos will only need to be joined if the count bridges two-days. The fastest way to do this is through the Video Joiner/Cutter Tool.


Merging countCAM2 or .MP4 Video Files

If processing videos from a countCAM2 or any device that outputs non-compressed .MP4 files, the countCAM2 Toolbox should be used. This tool also creates a count sheet, which is no longer needed for countCLOUD. However, it does allow for a clean way to provide a labelled screenshot instead of the process described earlier. The files and instructions on installing and using the countCAM Toolbox can be found HERE.


Merging Other Video Formats

For all other file formats the countCAM3+ process can be followed. If video files are larger than 5GB please compress using a video compression tool, or reach out to for additional support.