Installing and Use of the countCAM Toolbox

The countCAM Toolbox is a legacy tool from the countCAM2. Some users still utilize the tool due to its ability to join AND reduce video file sizes reducing upload times and saving space on their computer.

A video showing the steps to download, install, and run the countCAM2 Toolbox can be viewed HERE.

How do I download and install the countCAM2 Toolbox and VLC Media Player?

  1. Download the countCAM2 Toolbox by clicking HERE.
  2. Extract the zip file and install the Toolbox using the installer file.
  3. In order to properly run the Toolbox a 32-Bit version of the VLC media player is needed. Download this version HERE. Once downloaded install VLC onto your computer ensuring that all plugins are installed.
    1. If you have a 64-Bit version of VLC on your computer it will need to be uninstalled first.
  4. The countCAM2 Toolbox is now ready to be configured.

      How do I configure the countCAM2 Toolbox settings?

      1. Before processing videos from the Toolbox update your preferences by clicking the “Preferences” button in the top right corner of the program.
      2. Set the path where the compressed and joined videos will be saved.
      3. Select if you want a subfolder for each study.
      4. You can also set up the Toolbox to delete the original videos and/or compressed videos once joining is complete.
        1. Please note we DO NOT recommend deleting the original video files after joining as this can cause you to lose your original videos if something goes wrong during compression.
      5. If you have a NVIDIA graphics card or computer toggle on the “Use Hardware Acceleration When Compressing Videos” selection. This will increase compression speeds by a 10X factor.
        1. To check if your computer utilizes a NVIDIA graphics card right click on the desktop, click “Display Settings”, “Advanced display settings”, and finally “Display adapter properties for Display 1”
        2. The “Adapter Type” section will show what graphics card is installed.

          How do I compress and join videos with the Toolbox?

          1. After selecting your settings you can start to process counts. Two options can be used.
            1. Process Videos on Cameras – This option allows you to compress and join videos directly off your camera. This can be completed with up to four cameras at a time. If completing more than one camera at a time be sure to process each camera in order (Camera 1, Camera 2… etc.). If you select the cameras out of order the Toolbox will not work. Processing from the camera is the preferred method.
            2. Process Videos on Computer – This selection allows videos to be processed from the computer. Again, up to four separate joining/compression processes can occur at once.
          2. Once the processing option has been chosen you will be prompted to select the videos to compress. It is best practice to only include the videos you need for your count to help reduce your file sizes and processing time.
            1. When processing from cameras click “List Cameras” and start with Camera 1. This will bring you to a new page where you can select the videos you wish to process.
            2. When processing from the computer navigate to the folder containing the videos and select the files you want to process from the menu on the right of the tool.
          3. Define the camera orientation and approach directions by selecting a clear video file and clicking “play’ then “pause”.
            1. Place the north arrow and approach labels on the screen shot. Rotate the north arrow by double clicking the icon.
              1. Please note the approach labels should be placed on the leg where that direction enters from. The northbound approach is the southern leg, southbound approach is the northern leg, eastbound approach is the western leg, and westbound approach is the eastern leg.
          4. Click “Snap Image” to generate the count sheet and “Next” to proceed.
          5. Enter your count information including the Order Number and Intersection Name, City and State, Start and Stop Date/Times, and Approach Names.
            1. Please note this information is used for processing and any start/stop times will be followed whether they are correct or not.
            2. To avoid AM and PM confusion please enter time in military format (00:00:00 to 23:59:59)
          6. Select the Count Type to match the count format you purchased (2-class, 3-class, or 13-class). If the count sheet classifications do not match the purchased count classification your processing will be held until corrected.
          7. Click “Save” to complete the process for the camera/videos.
            1. If additional processing is desired click “Select More Videos”.
            2. If you are ready to compress, click “Compress Videos”.
          8. Click “Compress and Join” to start the compression/joining process.
            1. When the process is completed the area around the video will turn green and your video/count sheet will be in the output folder selected in the preferences.
          9. Check your joined video and completed count sheet to make sure everything is correct.