Extending the Runtime of the countCAM3+ with a Booster, powerBANK, or powerBANK2

The Booster Pack and powerBANK will extend the runtime of your countCAM3+ by 50-hours. The powerBANK2 will increase runtimes by up to 80-hours. To ensure full functionality:

  • Fully charge your battery pack device between each use.
  • Always install the powerBANK or Booster Pack on a fully charged or mostly charged countCAM4. The powerBANK2 can be installed on a device at any charge level.
  • If using more than one battery pack on a single device both units should be installed upon initial setup. If powerBANK swapping is needed this should occur within two days of initial setup unless using a powerBANK2
  • If storing the battery packs for an extended period of time ensure the unit is charged to 30% or greater. Extended storage of a depleted battery packs can result in battery failure.