countCAM3+ Date and Time Troubleshooting

The countCAM3+ uses GPS to set the date and time of the device. This means an initial GPS lock is needed to ensure the device correctly sets the date/time to your time zone. This process is only needed the first time a device is used or if the device is being used in a new time zone.

To achieve this initial GPS lock:

  • Once the device is fully charged turn on the unit by depressing the power button on the bottom of countCAM3+.
  • Place the unit in a location with full view of the sky for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Check if the date/time have synched after this time.
  • Once verified turn off the unit before using in the field. If you skip this step the scheduler will not correctly record your set schedule.

If your unit has not updated the date/time after one hour please contact us at for additional support.