Updating your countCAM3 to a countCAM3+

Follow the process below to update your countCAM3 to a countCAM3+

  1. Download the .package file from the link below to your computer:
    1. RC2999 Firmware File
  2. Using the USB-C download cable connect a countCAM3 to the computer with the firmware file.
    1. If your USB-C port does not work this process can be completed using the WIFI connection instead of the USB-C connection. please reach out to help@streetlogic.pro for assistance on fixing your USB-C connection issue once updated.
  3. Once the top LED illuminates navigate to the countCAM3 firmware update dashboard by typing /cc3package.php to the end of the device dashboard URL.
    1. For example, device 000514's firmware update dashboard will be accessed by typing, http://cc000514.local/cc3package.php
  4. Click "Choose File" and select the firmware package downloaded earlier (RC2999.package).
  5. Once selected click "Open".
    1. The file name must not be changed from the original firmware name (RC2999.package) and contain no additional spaces, "copy 1", or (1) within the name due to downloading multiple occurrences.
  6. Click "Apply Package".
  7. Once the page changes and you are notified to do so, unplug the countCAM3 from the computer.
  8. Turn on the device and allow the camera to work through the update process. This will present as follows:
    1. After depressing the power button the countCAM3 will boot up as normal and the top LED will illuminate. Depending on your software version this will be green or blue.
    2. After roughly 7 seconds the LED will turn off. At this time the device is working through the update and will remain off for roughly 1.5 minutes.
    3. After the roughly 1.5 minute process, the top LED will illuminate blue. The device is now a countCAM3+.
  9. Complete the process by accessing the countCAM3+ dashboard via a WIFI enabled device or computer.
    1. The dashboard URL will no longer use the "cc" in front of the device ID number. For example, device 000514 will now be accessed by typing, http://000514.local/
  10. Once in the dashboard CHANGE THE RECORDING QUALITY at least one time. If your desired recording quality is already selected change it to a different selection and then back. We recommend defaulting to the Balanced 10fps option.
  11. Complete a short test recording to ensure the device functions. This should include reviewing the video to ensure it properly recorded.
If any issues are encountered after updating, please contact help@streetlogic.pro for further assistance.