How do I prevent theft or tampering of my countCAM2?

The hose clamp and lock bracket system helps deter theft and/or tampering of Spack Solution's data collection devices by securing the hose clamp and device to the mounting location. A video showing how to properly use the system can be viewed HERE. The following article summarizes that video. 

The hose clamp and lock bracket system includes a hose clamp, lock bracket, and padlock. You will also need a 5/16" hex driver and drill for installation.

The hose clamp has five main panels. Three are roughly the same size (with two that have small holes in them for the padlock), one is smaller leaving space to access the hose clamp, and one smaller endcap with a curved end. To install the hose clamp and lock bracket system:

  1. Position the lock bracket so the panels with the small holes are on the top and bottom and the shorter face is positioned away from you.
  2. Take the non-bolt end of the hose clamp and slide it into the bracket between the back panel and curved endcap
  3. Position the hose clamp around the mounting location and fasten the non-bolt side to the bolting mechanism and loosely tighten
  4. Slide the bracket over the hose clamp bolt and full tighten to the mounting location.
  5. Insert the padlock through the two holes and fasten
  6. Your data collection device is now secure and the hose clamp bolt will no longer be accessible.

When installing the hose clamp and lock bracket system on an countCAM with extension pole it is best practice to mount the device and pole to the signpost/utility pole with a plain hose clamp first. This will hold the equipment in place allowing you to use two hands to fasten and position the lock bracket system.

If installing the hose clamp and lock bracket system on a countSTICK loosely fasten the device around the mounting location leaving enough space to slide the countSTICK into place. Once in place, finish tightening and locking the system per the process above.