Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does the countCAM4 and countCLOUD counts cost?

To view pricing, visit the countCAM4 product page here or the countCLOUD product page here.

Do you offer discounts?

We do not offer discounts on most sales through the online store. However, please contact us at to discuss potential discounts on bulk product orders.

Does the countCAM4 automatically tabulate vehicles using Artificial Intelligence?

Yes and No. In Counter Mode, the countCAM4 automatically tabulates directional vehicle data using onboard processing.  The countCAM4 does not have AI capabilities for turning movement counts or vehicle classification.  For those detailed types of data collection, video is recorded on the countCAM4 and then sent to our countCLOUD processing system for human-based tabulation.

How do I get a quote? Can I submit a purchase order and pay Net 30?

To request a quote click the ADD TO QUOTE button for each item you are looking to quote. Once your shopping cart is full follow the in cart prompts to submit your quote request.

We do offer purchase terms for some government agencies. Please contact if payment terms are desired.

I want to send you videos to process, but what I need doesn’t fit the standard countCLOUD options. Can I have you process these counts?

No - we have standardized the most popular types of counts and staying within our process allows us to provide exceptionally low costs.

Do you have countCAM4s in stock?

Yes, we do have countCAM4s in stock. Visit the countCAM4 product page for purchasing and more information.

Do you rent equipment?

No. Most clients can justify buying our equipment for a single project.

How long will it take to receive the equipment I ordered?

We guarantee your order will leave our warehouse within five business days of when you execute your order. However almost all orders are fulfilled within two business days. Once the products leave our warehouse it is then in the shipping company’s hands, which is out of our control. Please complete your order with extra time built-in. We’ve had too many clients place overnight orders that then get delayed by snowstorms, hurricanes, or other issues, and with increases in online purchases due to COVID shipping delays have become more common.

Can I program the countCAM4 to record specific periods or when it will turn on?

The countCAM4 allows you to select which hours of the day you want to be recorded but does not provide for different schedules on different days.  Note, that using the scheduling feature does not appreciably increase runtime.

Can I purchase a bank of countCLOUD hours and use them later?

Yes, Count Hours are valid for one (1) year from the purchase date.

How long are Count Hours good for?

Count Hours are valid for one (1) year from original purchase date. Any Count Hours remaining after one (1) year of original purchase will automatically expire and be removed from your available hours within countCLOUD.

How long does your equipment last?

It should work for at least 5 years with normal use, but product lifespan is highly dependent on use and care. Our field equipment utilizes lithium-ion batteries, like cell phones, that start to degrade in two to three years. 

Do you repair your equipment if we have issues?

Yes and No. We will repair or replace your broken unit under the warranty policy if there is a manufacturer's defect. For units out of warranty contact for additional details.

Does the countCAM and countCLOUD processing work at night, especially for vehicle classification?

The video footage is clear enough for a human being to tabulate vehicles based on headlights during the middle of the night. Tabulating pedestrians, bicycles, or vehicle classification is dependent on ambient lighting conditions. It is possible to accurately tabulate full classification in well lit urban conditions or during a full moon, but generally not possible in suburban or rural settings with low ambient light.

How are you able to keep your costs so low compared to your competitors?

We started collecting traffic counts in 2001 and understand what it takes to collect transportation data effectively. With a team of field technicians and licensed transportation engineers we utilize outsourced specialists in every way possible to leverage their low-cost expertise and we design our products from the ground up with value being our priority. We’re also a small, efficient team that leverages technology to keep our overhead low so we can pass the savings on to our clients.

Do you offer a discount to educational institutions?

No. We have worked hard to keep our products and services cost-effective and offer the same low price to everyone.

Do you have a list of references?

Yes – email to tell us a little bit about your agency or firm and request a list of references. We have over 3,000 clients worldwide and will put you in touch with a handful of references in a similar situation.

How do I decide between outsourcing my counts to a consultant or data contractor vs. doing the counting myself?

We have clients who’ve justified buying our products for a single project, but your economic decision depends on your local outsourced pricing options and your tolerance for doing the work yourself versus outsourcing some or all of it.  Email us at with your situation and we'll provide guidance for you.  And we know just about everyone in the industry if you need a recommendation for a traffic counting firm to outsource your counts to.

Do you output data to traffic models such as Vistro/Synchro, Petra Pro, or data management hubs such as Jackalope/MS2/GeoCounts?

The countCAM4 exports volume data in CSV and MS2 file formats. For all other systems, you’ll need to take the specific data from the output CSV file reports and input it per each system’s requirements.

What is the recommended setback for installing the countCAM4?

The ideal field of view is between 50 and 150 feet from the intersection though the countCAM4 can provide countable data up to roughly 250 feet from the data collection location.

Can you recommend an accurate, automated system that will tabulate vehicles using Artificial Intelligence?

No. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision have been around for decades, but we know of no system that can accurately tabulate vehicles from portable camera systems. The issue is that mobile cameras are not mounted high enough, wobble in the wind, and do not provide enough visibility at night. Human beings are needed to provide accurate data. We have tested AI systems that work in perfect conditions, but the world is rarely perfect.

Can I demo your system for free?

We do not provide free demos of our equipment, but we offer a money-back guarantee if our system doesn't work as promised, so you can try us risk-free.

Where are your products made?

the countCAM4 and powerBANK2 are both designed and assembled in the USA.

Does the countCAM4 include any components made or manufactured by companies banned by the FCC?

StreetLogic Pro does not utilize any equipment or components manufactured by companies on the FCC banned list.