City Uses Video to Show ADT Levels

blue background with four camera images at four different roadways

Mark Ray, Crystal, Minnesota City Engineer and Public Works Director, put his COUNTcams to great use in educating his council members.  He put together the video below to show how busy roads are during the p.m. peak hour with ADTs of 19,000 vehicles per day, 8,000 vpd, 700 vpd, and 100 vpd.  Note – the videos are playing at 4x speed because most roads are painfully slow to watch at 1x speed.

Mark recorded roads that most of his residents are familiar with.  This helps him put other roads into context by being able to refer back to the roads in the videos. 

I think every city would benefit from putting together a similar FAQ webpage with videos from roads in their town.  This is a brilliant way to provide context when discussing traffic issues with residents and public officials.