Tubeless Tube Counting

Two lane roadway with raised crosswalks at two locations and cars parked along the roadway


Tubeless Tube Counting

Traffic counting has traditionally relied on tubes to count cars. However, with the advancement of traffic counting cameras, the process of collecting data for traffic counts has become significantly more efficient and secure. Tubeless tube counters are a feature of traffic counting cameras that can provide more data and safety for the field workers.

Unlike traditional tube counters, traffic counting cameras are mounted to a pole or other feature on the side of the road and do not require tubes to be laid across the road or sidewalk. Instead, they use sophisticated video analysis techniques to count traffic. This provides, if not the same, a much more accurate count than traditional tube counters. 

The video analysis used by tubeless tube counter can also provide much more data than a traditional tube counter. In most cases, the same equipment can capture speed and direction of travel along with recording video for turning movement counts of vehicles and pedestrians. This data can help to further analyze traffic patterns, and also provide valuable data for traffic engineers and planners.

Overall, tubeless tube counters are much more efficient, safe, and cost-effective for traffic counting than the traditional tube counter.  If you are looking for a safe, reliable solution, keeping your field workers out of the roadway, the tubeless tube counter is the way to go.