Show and Tell: countCAM4 Durability

View from a countCAM4 laying on the ground with a bus driving towards it.

In 2021 Spack Solutions launched the countCAM3 Traffic Recorder. This new countCAM device took the functionality of the countCAM2 but provided extended runtimes, scheduling functionality and removed the need for external phone/tablet applications to operate the camera. Not to mention it also ensured we were able to supply cameras to the industry as the countCAM2 supply chain broke down over COVID.

Over the next three years the countCAM3 merged with the countSTICK and became the countCAM3+. In 2023 the next countCAM evolution took place with the launch of the countCAM4.

The countCAM4 built on the successes of the countCAM3/3+ while providing additional improvements which include:

  • Further extended runtimes of up to 100-hours.
  • Industrial grade download ports.
  • Physical and in-dashboard, battery level indication.
  • Improved camera with wider viewing angle.
  • Improved durability, through the use of the countCAM4 Boot with integrated rain shield.

This improved durability was recently seen as a countCAM4 user reached out to us due to a device having a cracked housing. How did this device housing crack? It turns out the camera and extension pole had fallen off the sign post and landed in the street, the camera was then hit by a car and finally was run over by a bus. You now might be wondering how we know this all happened? The camera had actually recorded it all, and was still full functional through and after the entire endeavor (with the exception of the camera falling out of focus). With all internal components functioning we were able to rehouse the unit into a new countCAM4 shell and boot for the customer at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new camera! Not only did this result in a happy customer, but also gave us a real world example of the durability of the countCAM4.

Pictures of the damaged device, and video grabs of each impact can be seen below:

Video Screen Grabs

Camera Fall From Sign Post

Camera Hit by Car

Camera Run Over by Bus

Device Pictures

Damaged countCAM4 facing the camera. The housing shows wear and tear from the accident and significant scratching is present on the front of the device

Damaged countCAM4 laying on its side. The two halves of the housing are split apart with a large crack on the front half of the unit.

top down view of the countCAM4 looking from the back. Significant damage is present on the back of the device with black marks on one side and deep scratching on the other. The front and back shells have separated and cracked.

Close up of the countCAM4 integrated mount. Significant scratching and denting is present on the mount and thumb screws. The top portion of the mount has cracked off the thumb screw.