How do I reset my countPULSE or wayCOUNT?

The countPULSE Reset Process Video shows how to reset your countPULSE device if you are having connection issues. The following steps summarize that process.

  1. Remove the silicone boot from the countPULSE or WAYcount.
  2. Remove the five screws from the back of the countPULSE or WAYcount and carefully separate the front and back plates of the device. Please note that the battery is fastened to both sides of the device in the countPULSE and can be damaged if not paying attention while opening the device.
  3. Press the reset button inside the device. Using a pencil or paper clip makes this easier. You will hear a small audible click when the reset button has been completely depressed.
  4. Ensure the rubber gasket is properly seated in the channel before assembling the device.
  5. fasten the five screws. Be careful to not overtighten the screws to avoid stripping them.
  6. Replace the silicone boot.