What is countCLOUD and How Does it Work?

What is countCLOUD

countCLOUD is a traffic video processing system provided by StreetLogic Pro. It allows users a simple and cost-effective way to have their traffic videos processed into meaningful data for use in engineering and planning projects, removing the hassle and time associated with processing videos in-house.


How Does countCLOUD Work

Video processing can be purchased through StreetLogic Pro's Online Store where bulk processing hours can be purchased. These hours can be used for any duration of video processing needed for three different classification breakdowns allowing for flexibility in returned data while still providing a streamlined process at the most competitive rates on the market.

The new countCLOUD system provides users a email based dashboard providing access to completed and in-process counts, along with the ability to generate new counts of any duration. If this is your first time using the new countCLOUD Dashboard an account will need to be created. The email address used for this account must match the email used to purchase count hours as this is how available count hours are added to your account. Additional details one creating an account can be found in the countCLOUD How To article.

Once your hours have been purchased, and traffic video collected, the videos must be joined into a single video file under 5GB. A labelled screenshot, from the video to be processed, must also be generated before uploading. We recommend using the Snipping Tool as this is already installed on Windows based computers and allows for approach labels to be applied within the same program. Additional information on this process can be found in the countCLOUD How To article.

After a joined video file and labelled screenshot have been created, the files can be submitted to countCLOUD.streetlogic.pro. To submit a count, generate an Available Count using the Create function at the top of the LIBRARY tab. This will allow you to pick the count duration, classification schema, and number of counts to be created. Once created the used Count Hours will be subtracted from your available hours. Each classification breakdown uses a different ratio for processing hours to available hours as a 13-classification count will take more resources to complete than a trail counts and 2- or 3-classification count. These processing ratio can be seen in the countCLOUD Definitions and Rules article.

Once the Available count has been generated the start date/time and location reference must be provided along with the labelled screenshot and video file. Up to three start/stop dates and times can be provided within each count allowing for peak period processing on a single upload. Please review your labelled screenshot and video to be sure they are matching and correct before uploading. Once the screenshot and video file have been provided your count's status will move from Available to In-Process. It will remain in this status for up to 3 business days as the video is being processed.

If you catch a mistake in your screenshot, video file, or start date/time after uploading you can resubmit either file or update for 15-minutes. The count status will shift to Complete once your processed data has been returned and is ready for download. If any issues were noted with your count an Error status will appear with information on the issue shown in the specific count's page.

If this is your first time using countCLOUD more information can be found in our Help Center, including a more detailed breakdown of the definitions and rules of countCLOUD.