countCAM4 Product Description

What is the countCAM4 Traffic Recorder

The countCAM4 is StreetLogic Pro's new and improved portable video based traffic recorder and "Tubeless Tube Counter". With the simple tap of a button the countCAM4 can switch from a video recorder to two-lane bi-directional volume and speed counter giving you flexibility in your data collection capabilities. The rugged, easy-to-use device is light-weight, portable, and can record up to 100 continuous hours of video when in Camera Mode and 70 continuous hours of directional traffic volume when in Counter Mode. The countCAM4 also gives users control of their recording with selectable recording resolutions and schedules.


How long can the countCAM4 record?

The countCAM4 Traffic Recorder comes with an internal battery that provides up to 100 hours of runtime in Camera Mode and 70 hours in Counter Mode.

Connect a Booster Pack or powerBANK to your device to extend the recording by 50 hours. Connect a powerBANK2 to your device to extend the recording up to 80 hours.

Please note that powerBANKs and Boosters must be installed on a fully charged to mostly charged countCAM unit to function. The powerBANK2 can be connected at anytime.

When the powerBANK/Booster is attached its charge capacity is depleted first, leaving the camera battery to drain only after the powerBANK/Booster is fully depleted. 


How much video can the countCAM4 hold?

The 64 GB internal SD card in the countCAM4 can retain more than a two weeks of recorded video in balanced (10 fps) or low quality.