countCAM4 Compass Calibration

If your countCAM4 Device ID is higher than 400010, and operating on firmware CC4020824 or higher, the device will have the compass functionality operational. All cameras purchased with CC4020824 pre-installed will already have had their compasses calibrated. However, cameras updated by the user will require calibration to occur.

To calibrate the camera:

  • Open the countCAM4 Dashboard using a cellphone or table.
  • Scroll down below the video quality selector and tap the grey CALIBRATE COMPASS button.
  • If on an Android based device wait for the page to switch to what is shown below.
  • Then, slowly but steadily move the countCAM4 in a figure eight pattern while spinning in a circle to ensure all sides of the device have faced the sky. After roughly 15 seconds the page will change notify you calibration is complete.
  • If on an Apple based device once you have tapped the grey calibration button immediately start rotating the countCAM4 in a figure eight pattern while walking in a circle . The dashboard page will skip directly to the completed calibration page.
  • Tap RETURN to re-access the dashboard.
  • Your camera’s compass is now calibrated.