countCAM3+ Product Description

What is the countCAM3+ Traffic Recorder

The countCAM3+ is StreetLogic Pro's new and improved portable video based traffic recorder and "Tubeless Tube Counter". With the simple tap of a button the countCAM3+ can switch from a video recorder to bi-directional volume counter giving you flexibility in your data collection capabilities. The rugged, easy-to-use device is light-weight, portable, and can record up to 85 continuous hours of video when in Camera Mode and 65 continuous hours of directional traffic volume when in Counter Mode. The countCAM3+ also gives users control of their recording with selectable recording resolutions and schedules.


How long can the countCAM3+ record?

The countCAM3+ Traffic Recorder comes with an internal battery that allows for a minimum of 85 continuous hours of recording in Camera Mode and 65 hours in Counter Mode.

Connect a powerBANK or Booster Pack to your device to extend the recording by 50 hours.

Please note that powerBANKs and Boosters must be installed on a fully charged to mostly charged countCAM unit to function. When the powerBANK/Booster is attached its charge capacity is depleted first, leaving the camera battery to drain only after the powerBANK/Booster is fully depleted.  When configured as a single countCAM3+ and powerBANK/Booster a user would expect 135-hours (~5.5 days) of continuous battery life in Camera Mode and 115-hours (~4.75 days) in Counter Mode.


How much video can the countCAM3+ hold?

The 64 GB internal SD card in the countCAM3+ is capable of retaining a full 7-day recording in balanced (10 fps) or low quality. High Definition recordings MUST be kept to 2-hours or less. Anything larger than this may overload the unit.