How do reformat the countCAM2 to FAT32 formatting?

If the COUNTCam2 has been inadvertently formatted as a standard drive, please follow the instructions below to reformat to the proper FAT32 drive format.


A video showing this process can be found HERE


Symptoms of the countCAM2 being reformatted include:

  1. Not being able to connect to the countCAM APP.
  2. Not being able to update the countCAM2 firmware.


You can check if the camera has been reformated out of FAT32 as follows:

  1. Connect the countCAM2 to your computer using the download cable.
  2. Right click on the countCAM2 drive.
  3. Click "Properties".
  4. Check the "File System" format. If this is anything other than FAT32 the drive will need reformatting.


The following steps should be followed to updated the firmware to FAT32:

  1. Download the tool from and place on the desktop.
  2. Close ALL OTHER WINDOWS on your computer.  All Document explorer windows, all browsers. ANY file handle that still has a reference to the COUNTCam2 will prevent this from running.
  3. Plug the Camera into the USB port on your computer.
  4. Execute (doubleclick) the guiformat.exe program from the desktop.
  5. Ensure the COUNTCam2 drive is selected in the Drive selector.  The rest of the defaults are acceptable.
  6. Click “Start”.
  7. If you have not closed ALL other windows, you may get the error message below.  If you do, ensure that ANY other program that has a reference to the drive is closed.  In this case, I executed guiformat from a Windows Explorer window that I left open.  This will result in the error seen below, since “F:” is still being referenced in the explorer window.
  8. Once complete, you should see a success message, and your Camera should now be formatted correctly and ready to accept firmware.