What is the countCAM2 Traffic Recorder?

What is the countCAM2 Traffic Recorder

The countCAM2 is Spack Solutions' portable video based traffic recording. The rugged, easy-to-use device is light-weight, portable, and can record up to 50 continuous hours of video on a single charge. After video has been collected it can be processed using out countCLOUD Video Processing Service or inhouse using the countPAD/countPRO software package.


How long can the countCAM2 record?

The countCAM2 Traffic Recorder comes with an internal battery that allows for 50 continuous hours of recording.  Once you have begun the recording process, the camera will capture video until the recording is stopped manually or the battery is depleted.

The addition of the Booster Pack will add 50 more hours to the camera recording time.  When the Booster is attached its charge capacity is depleted first, leaving the camera battery to drain only after the Booster is fully depleted.  When configured as a single countCAM2 and Booster a user would expect 100 hours of continuous battery life.


How much video can the countCAM2 hold?

The 36 GB internal SD card in the countCAM2 is capable of retaining roughly 150 hours of video data.  Minor variability in this duration is based on the activity level captured by the recording system.