countCAM2 Battery Questions

How do I know when my countCAM2 is fully charged?

The countCAM2 utilizes a screw on three-pin charging cable, provided with each camera, for charging. When charging, the countCAM2 will show a green light indication on the front face plate. This light will remain illuminated until the camera is completely charged. 

A video summarizing this process can be viewed HERE.


How do I determine the battery capacity of my countCAM2?

The countCAM2 utilizes an internal lithium-ion battery providing a minimum of 50-hours of recording time. However, overtime lithium-ion batteries will slowly lose their capacity, reducing the total recording time when compared to a new device. A runtime test will provide the most accurate results for determining the current battery capacity of your countCAM2 Traffic Recorder. Complete a Runtime test by completing the following steps:

  1. Fully charge your countCAM2 device until the green charge indication on front of the camera turns off.
  2. Turn on the countCAM2 and connect to the device using your phone or tablet.
  3. Open the countCAM App and start a recording. A recording light should blink within the App screen and the countCAM2 should blink.
  4. Allow the camera to run until the battery dies. This should take 50 to 60 hours with a new device.
  5. Once dead, plug the countCAM2 into a computer to review the recorded files. Note the start time and date of the first and last file. Use these times to determine the runtime of your fully charged camera.

A video summarizing this process can be viewed HERE.